Happy Circle

"I asked the kids what their favorite part was and hands down, they said voting!”


- S. Frazier,

First Grade Teacher

"I love Susie’s enthusiasm and ability to engage students. She had my students hooked from the beginning. Every. Single. Student. Participated!”


- H. Amundson,

Kindergarten Teacher

“We are thrilled to be a part of this. The kids want to be part of something bigger than the walls of the classroom. They were inspired and excited about each part of this and the next book can’t come fast enough for them!”


- S. Hammond,

Third Grade Teacher

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How do I request a classroom author visit?

Of the classroom nominations each week, up to 5 classrooms across the country are chosen to receive a surprise "Author Visit"! Although most of our classroom recipients are nominated by their school administrator, we also accept nominations from parents, community members, and teachers! Nominate a classroom by emailing the teacher's name and grade to

What if I can only dedicate a little bit of time to the program?

While the framework supports various grade-level ELA standards and has a variety of social-emotional learning topics built in, teachers are finding that it fits best as a writing activity. With many students showing below grade-level writing after a year of distance learning, this offers a way to get students truly involved in something meaningful and fun (while including and encouraging writing along the way). Bonus: It requires as few as 15 minutes a week.

What is the current book about?

Good question! In our current children's book (to be published this December), our main character, Ava, is on a quest that leads her into a series of problem-solution situations along a mountain trail. Her obstacles (in a child-friendly way) represent some of the SEL topics educators ar seeing right now as they navigate all the COVID-related challenges (i.e., adjusting to change, a sense of unknown, creating a renewed sense of hope, etc). Our conversations within the story focus on being solution-oriented and using creative problem solving (with a growth mindset backdrop). And of course, there are fun and unexpected things embedded throughout the story to keep kids engaged and smiling. :)

What should I expect from a classroom author visit?

What it is: A 20-25 min virtual classroom author visit. Your students exprience a behind-the-scenes tour with Susie through the current children's book being made (to be published in December)! They even have the chance to help Susie make a few decisions for the book! Where: Zoom (I'll include the link in a calendar invite once we decide on a time). How to let your kids know: You can say something as simple as, "Guess what everyone?! I just got a message from a best-selling children's book author! She's making a new book and wants our help! She said she has a few questions for us?!" (acting excited and curious) "We get to meet her next week and see what her questions are!" What to expect: I keep things fun and fairly fast-paced. When I have them help make a decision, they'll vote via hand raises, if you can help me count the totals. Other than that, you don't need to prep/do anything! Why: It's an exhausting year for all of us in education. This project is my way of supporting teachers and getting kids engaged and excited about writing/reading, amidst all the pressures related to learning loss. This fall's children's book: Ava (our main character) is on a quest that leads her into a series of obstacles along a mountain trail. Conversation prompts within the story focus on being solution oriented. And of course, there are fun and unexpected things embedded within the story to keep kids engaged and smiling.

What are the extension activities?

The program offers a variety of reading and writing-based extension activities that require no prepwork for teachers and can provide additional classroom activities related to the program.

I am not confident my students have the skill set you are looking for (with the COVID gaps).

This is actually why we’re here! No specific “writing level” required. Since I'm a SLP and am used to working with grade-level standards and it’s easy to adjust the content to reflect each grade/classroom. We’re here to help make writing fun this year so your students can make as much (enthusiastic) progress as possible. You can have your students track along with the book process simply by showing them the 5-min video update each week. If you choose to use the writing materials, there are versions available for grades TK-6 so you can scan and find something for the level you need.

Is Kindergarten too young?

We welcome our youngest readers and early writers! With TK and Kindergarten classrooms, we keep our discussions quick and fun. They are excited to be working on a book with the *real author* and enjoy the process of helping make choices. We have the opportunity to discuss story elements and build in predicting and inferencing prompts. TK and Kindergarten students *love* the writing prompts that track along with the story because it feels like they're helping to write our story. Pro tip: Prep a separate folder (AKA "Portfolio") for all of their writing and artwork related to the book so they can save it alongside their physical copy of the hardcover book once it's printed. It's a great snaphot of their writing journey as a young writer.

Since this involves a children’s picture book, is 4th-6th grade too old?

Not at all! 4th-6th grade students are consistently some of the most involved kids we have! Because we get to dive into the specifics of book publishing, students get to see how they’re current writing standards are used in real life. We even have our national team of editors available for questions and they provide “expert tips” for our established writers.


Will this be a lot of work for my staff?

Definitely not! The turnkey, out-of-the-box program requires no prepwork for teachers. Teachers reported “feeling like they had a co-teacher take over the class” when playing Susie’s update videos.

What is the optimal grade level. Would it be more K-2 class or 3-6?

Susie's answer: The quick version: Any/all grades TK-6th! Since I'm a SLP and am used to working with grade-level standards, I adjust the content to reflect what age I'm meeting with. All worksheets/ printable materials are provided as different versions for different grade levels. With TK-2nd, I keep things fun and fairly fast-paced with a focus on students feeling included in the process of making the book. This promotes a sense of ownership and excitement with books and the writing process. Based on last year's program, which developed during distance learning, even just a little glimpse into the behind-the-scenes prior to publishing created a noticeable shift for kids. I also have TK-2 worksheets that go along with each page of the book, so those can be fun writing prompts to get kids further engaged! Totally optional though. With 3rd-6th, it's more about the book publishing process and developing an appreciation of books. Students love seeing the specifics of how rough sketches develop over time, the decisions that go into a cover design, etc. Until I dove into the whole publishing world, I had no idea how complex it was. It turns out, it's incredibly fascinating so I include them in the real-life version of it all. I show them that editing is "real" and all the versions I wrote and revised. My hope is that connecting writing standards with a real life book project that helps people will be a natural way to promote engagement in writing this year!

When does the program run throughout the school year?

The program runs during the Fall and Spring semesters. Each semester, students collaborate with the author to create a new "soon-to-be" best-selling book! Fall/Winter 2021: Where's My Wish? (To be published in December, 2021) Spring 2022: Title TBD by Students (To be published in May, 2022)

Why should I invest in this program at my school?

This is a literacy-based literary program that also provides social-emotional learning benefits, leadership skills, and community and philanthropic benefits. All themes and materials are designed to strengthen positive character traits, create a unique bond with literacy, and build student involvement in the community.

How does this program differ from a traditional literacy program?

While Authorable was created to increase student engagement in reading and writing and build a forever bond with literacy, it goes far beyond a traditional literacy program. There are numerous social-emotional learning benefits that come with the program as well. The communal voting process allows students’ voices to be heard while also re-establishing a sense of community within a school after being separated for so long. Kids can rally around this, get excited, and celebrate their efforts by doing something helpful in their local community.

What other skills can students learn in this program?

Students can learn a variety of skills including collaboration, leadership, the importance of voting and being informed, respectful listening, the value of project completion, the rewarding feeling of using your skills to do something helpful in your community, healthy coping/healing strategies, entrepreneurship, compassion, taking time to help others, social-emotional learning skills, and philanthropy through the Authorable program.

What have been the reactions from students to the program?

100% of students surveyed in the pilot program said they wanted to return to the program in future semesters. Teachers describe their students as “extremely eager to be involved in the next book!”

What have been the reactions from educators to the program?

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few testimonials from principals and teachers: “As a teacher, I appreciate Susie’s enthusiasm and student engagement. She had the students hooked from the beginning and EVERYONE participated in voting! That rarely happens on Zoom, and I’m so glad to be a part of this.” —kindergarten teacher, Irvine, CA
"Kids don’t get opportunities to make many decisions right now. This gives children the chance to be in charge of something, to feel heard, and be a part of something that helps other kids. That’s powerful.”—Principal, Fresno, CA
"This could be a game changer to develop emerging-readers into students who love books." —Superintendent, Fremont Unified, CA
“I loved the results shown as bar graphs! After we submitted our votes, it automatically showed us that visual, so I turned that into a small math lesson with reading bar graphs!”—First Grade Teacher, Clovis, CA
"After our class activity with Miss Susie, I asked my class about their favorite part. Hands down, they said, “Voting!"—2nd Grade Teacher, Illinois
“We are ALL just thrilled to be a part of this! The kids want to be a part of something bigger than the walls of home and classroom... and I think all kids do! They're already asking when we get to do another one!"—3rd Grade Teacher, Fresno, CA

Our campus is closed to visitors because of current procedures. Is that a problem?

Nope! Because Authorable was developed as a way to offset challenges during distance learning, all visits are through Zoom. For schools who are registered, the extra “behind-the-scene” videos are available through the teacher portal to access at each teacher’s convenience. We have videos from the author about the writing process, tips from the editors, ask the author forums, and much more! Many teachers report using these videos as their quick introduction and "hook" for writing lessons. If your school isn't registered and you want a better idea of what the video library has available, contact us at


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