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Happy Circle

"I asked the kids what their favorite part was and hands down, they said voting!”


- S. Frazier,

First Grade Teacher

"I love Susie’s enthusiasm and ability to engage students. She had my students hooked from the beginning. Every. Single. Student. Participated!”


- H. Amundson,

Kindergarten Teacher

“We are thrilled to be a part of this. The kids want to be part of something bigger than the walls of the classroom. They were inspired and excited about each part of this and the next book can’t come fast enough for them!”


- S. Hammond,

Third Grade Teacher

Post-Halloween Writing Prompt

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Download: K-2 or 2-6

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  • When does the program run throughout the school year?
    FALL BOOK: SEP: Classrooms vote. OCT: Book goes to publishing. NOV: Book is published and ready! DEC: Schools use their book proceeds to help the community! SPRING BOOK: FEB: Classrooms vote. MARCH: Book goes to publishing. APRIL: Book is published and ready! MAY: Schools use their book proceeds to help the community! For the 2021-2022 school year, participating schools can publish two new books to help their community (in as little as 15 minutes of class time). Each semester, the upcoming book theme is decided by educators nationwide.
  • What if I can only dedicate a little bit of time to the program?
    Teachers, Are you overwhelemd and already maxed out for this year? We're here for you as a support (not as an additional *thing to do*)! It can truly be quick as 15 minutes of class time (with no prep or work on your side) for your students to be involved publishing a book to help their local community. If your students are enjoying it and you'd like to take advantage of more materials, you have the opportunity to: -Submit student questions to "Ask the Author". -Watch videos directly from the author, illustrator, and editors about the behind-the-scenes of making of our current book. -Do you want a book-themed writing prompt or classroom activity? We've got you! Simply submit a request and we'll make it for you & your students! -AND LOTS MORE!! Please note: These "extras" are created as a resource for teachers and are not at all required! :) Whether Authorable is a grade-level project or a school-wide project for your school, each teacher (including SPED) is given access to log in for voting and all available materials. For example, this model works great for IEP service providers (i.e., SLP, RSP, other SPED staff) working with small groups.
  • What are the extension activities?
    The program offers a variety of ELA extension activities that require no prepwork for teachers and can provide additional classroom activities related to the program. For example: Grade-level writing prompts Phonemic awareness worksheets Story mapping Word Searches Editing worksheets (based on the current book) We even have a *Materials Wishlist* where teachers can request grade-level items for our graphic design team to create!
  • How does the author interact with students and teachers?
    Each week, students receive a video message from the author about what's happening behind the scenes with any decisions they need to help make for their book to be published! For all registered Authorable schools, these videos are easily accessible on the homepage of the teacher portal.
  • Why should I invest in this program at my school?
    This is a literacy-based literary program that also provides social-emotional learning benefits, leadership skills, and community and philanthropic benefits. All themes and materials are designed to strengthen positive character traits, create a unique bond with literacy, and build student involvement in the community.
  • How does this program differ from a traditional literacy program?
    While Authorable was created to increase student engagement in reading and writing, it goes far beyond a traditional literacy-based program. Classroom social-emotional learning activities (no teacher-prep needed) Drives student engagement through a voting-based platform (which kids LOVE!) Reconnects students (within their own school and nationwide) through the collaborative design, focusing on inclusion and togetherness Increases each student's bond with literacy through behind-the-scenes access to book publishing they helped make! And it can also double as a school fundraiser.
  • What other skills can students learn in this program?
    The program design emphasizes collaboration, leadership, the importance of voting and being informed, respectful listening, the value of project completion, the rewarding feeling of using your skills to do something helpful in your community, healthy coping/healing strategies, entrepreneurship, compassion, taking time to help others, social-emotional learning skills, and philanthropy.
  • What have been the reactions from students to the program?
    After our book was published in the spring, students immediately asked to publish another book this fall! 100% of students surveyed in the pilot program said they wanted to return to the program in future semesters. Teachers describe their students as “extremely eager to be involved in the next book!”
  • What have been the reactions from educators to the program?
    The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few testimonials from principals and teachers: “As a teacher, I appreciate Susie’s enthusiasm and student engagement. She had the students hooked from the beginning and EVERYONE participated in voting! I’m so glad to be a part of this.” —Kindergarten teacher, Irvine, CA "Kids don’t get opportunities to make many decisions right now. This gives children the chance to be in charge of something, to feel heard, and be a part of something that helps other kids. That’s powerful.” —Principal, Fresno, CA "This could be a game changer to develop emerging-readers into students who love books." —Superintendent, Fremont Unified, CA “I loved the results shown as bar graphs! After we submitted our votes, it automatically showed us that visual, so I turned that into a small math lesson!” —First Grade Teacher, Clovis, CA "After our class activity with Miss Susie, I asked my class about their favorite part. Hands down, they said, “Voting!" —2nd Grade Teacher, Illinois “We are ALL just thrilled to be a part of this! The kids want to be a part of something bigger than the walls of home and classroom... and I think all kids do! They're already asking when voting starts!" —3rd Grade Teacher, Fresno, CA

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We are authentic, collaborative, and helpful. We encourage creativity, find reasons to celebrate with each other and have fun. We are obsessed with helping kids feel heard, seen, and inspired. 

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