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Teaching students to love writing can be a challenge, so we've created a way for classrooms to go behind the scenes of book publishing by making decisions with us as we create a new children's book each school year!

When students are directly involved in the publishing of a book, they naturally become excited about books and writing. 

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A letter from our founder

Susie Harder, M.A., CCC-SLP

As a Speech-Language Pathologist (and mom) feeling burnt out during distance learning,  Susie was inspired to create an engaging student-based platform cultivating support, positivity and compassion during a tough time.

If you love supporting kids, you're in the right place! .

Most people say 'it doesn't happen overnight'... but my story actually did.  It was during the Fall of 2020, the height of distance learning chaos. 


September 8th started out like any other COVID-working mom day.... with a parking lot cry session. 

The next day started the momentum of where we are now. 

Here's how it happened... During the "barely keeping my head above water" feeling of distance learning (visualize parking lot scene above, not pretty), my hometown mountain community went up in flames, later to become the largest California wildfire in recorded history.  Countless friends and families I knew, many with young kids, lost their home. Through the shock and sadness, my adrenaline-induced plan involved social-emotional support for each child who lost a home. I pictured a children's book, where these kids could see their journey represented in a sweet and empowering storyline, validating their loss and then skillfully redirecting toward hope, rebuilding, and a sense of community togetherness. I tried to find a book that would work well for the healing conversations these children would need. I couldn't find one, so I decided to write it... that morning. 


One problem: I'd never written a book before. I had to start from scratch. 


Two things I knew immediately: 

1- Publishing a book is much more complex than I ever imagined.

2- I wanted children to travel the behind-the-scenes journey of book publishing with me to be a part of the book process.  


Thus, I launched a voting-based platform for kids to help decide on the characters and illustrations to help build the story.  Kids LOVED voting and the best part, it created something relevant, meaningful, and inspiring to be involved in... for local kids, my students AND me! As a team, we decided 100% of book proceeds would go toward kids who lost homes in the fire. 


It quickly grew to a global literacy-based program designed to engage kids in writing, collaborating, and helping others.   


What's happening right now? Classrooms across the country can go behind-the-scenes of our book project for the current school year!  From there, 100% of book proceeds go back into local communities for causes chosen by kids. 

My vision: 

A) A child glowing with ownership and pride, holding a pen to sign their first published book, knowing the proceeds from their book will help others in their community. 

B) A collaborative and supportive environment for all of us educators where we can utilize our creativity, contribute ideas, and request classroom materials. Through this process, we can get back to loving our jobs, connecting with students, and growing good humans. 

I look forward to involving your students and communities! 




Our Spring Cohort is accepting 25 innovative schools.

Your students are invited to join us!
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